By Andrew

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Categories: Home Improvement

Time For A New Apartment

I have been living in my apartment for 6 years. I love the place because it is warm, comfortable and a unique home in a neighborhood of cookie cutter buildings. The problem is that it will soon be too warm. The air conditioning Manchester unit no longer works and the landlord seems in no hurry to correct the situation.

For the first few years I lived here, everything was fine and worked well. Over time, the landlord began to spend less and less on maintaining the properties he owned. He eventually lost several for not paying the property taxes. He then sold my building because he could not pay the mortgage.

The new landlord did not ask enough questions before buying the property. Both units in this building were built with used appliances that are wearing out. They need to be fixed, but the new landlord does not want to invest too much money at this time. It is sad, but I will have to move if the problems are not corrected soon.