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Assembling Our Band

A friend of mind recently went back to playing his drums. His wife said it was driving her crazy because he practiced all evening long. Rather than bother his wife, he said he wanted to find someplace to play in a group. This would also be good for him to be able to make a little extra money.

We decided it would be best for him to come to my home. I live alone and there are no neighbors in the immediate vicinity.

We started practicing together last week. I play guitar, my friend plays drums and we had another mutual friend that played keyboard. We decided we needed a saxophonist Manchester to complete the sound we were developing for our band. This is a bit of a problem because none of us know anyone that plays the sax.

After a few nights together, we’ve decided we really want to become a professional band. We’ve put out the word that we need a sax player. All of us hope to find someone soon.